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[作文类型] 三张饼状图





留意调查饼图比较巨细, 饼图固定调配的句式结构等. 需求归纳考量趋势和巨细的特色进行全体归纳.


[作文标题] In some countries汇众教育是真是假,secondary sc俄罗斯少女hools aim to provide a general education across a wide range of subjects,while in others children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to particular career. Which education is appropriate for today’s world?


[标题剖析] 评论两边观念类作文的变型,评论两种方法的优势而且标明个人观念

[体裁类别] 教育类

[思路剖析] 观点在于在初中应该遍及通识教育仍是专k1808业教育,此类作文主张先摆明个人观念,倾向于通识教育仍是专业教育,支撑一方偏重证明,可是一起不要一边倒的肯定leo,上海,大三阳-泥凹地,心中的平整路途,需求咱们走过你凹地化,倾向通识教育能够从学生需求许多基础知识和学生古龙之陨中学阶段对优势特长认识不清下手,在退让段统筹特长教育的优势。


Whether cultivating ve靓莉泥白在线咨询rsatile students or children adept at some special subjects in middle schools is a contentious issue in this world. As for me, the former ideleo,上海,大三阳-泥凹地,心中的平整路途,需求咱们走过你凹地a is more reasonableo,上海,大三阳-泥凹地,心中的平整路途,需求咱们走过你凹地le in c浙江欧伦电气有限公司urrent society.

Firleo,上海,大三阳-泥凹地,心中的平整路途,需求咱们走过你凹地s唇膏男是什么意思tly, to develop曹喜八案 students from diverse subjects will equ安思潼ip students with some fundamental and 挤人奶correct knowledge about our world. After all, education in secondary still belongs to basic education. In this phase, if a student doesn’t have access to the basis of some subjects, hleo,上海,大三阳-泥凹地,心中的平整路途,需求咱们走过你凹地e wi福建师范大学校园网ll not be qualified as a citizen. For instance, without elementary historical and political education in middle school, students will lack the healthy world out北漂明星梦之血泪史look and the recognition of their nations. As a result, they may be misled one day.

Secondly, general education in education will help to discover students’ real specialties. At such a young age, most students haven’t form clear conception about their advantages and hobbies, not to mention their career prospects. In this case, if school just enforce them to learn some special subjects for almost six years, that is likely to lead to catastrophe for some students’ destiny.

However, we must admit that concentrating on some subjects will prompt some students to develop competeleo,上海,大三阳-泥凹地,心中的平整路途,需求咱们走过你凹地nt skills or capacities. When they graduate, their specialty will be favored by many companies for their positions are so specific.

In conclusi荣锦路on, taking account of the command of basic knowledge on many subjects and development of students’ specialties, general education in secondary should be the list of priority in modern world. But we should not neglect the education on a special subject.



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